Still Static at The Tail, Brussels

Still Static
Video, 22 min.
Hebrew with English subtitles
Produced by Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains

A cameraman who documented a traumatic disaster and a woman who obsessively watches it develop a rare Lo-Res disease. Emerged in a loop of blurred testimonies and fragments of loss, they slowly fade away like worn-out magnetic tapes.

With Miri Schneps, Marek Rozenbaum, Bertrand Kochmann
Script - Nir Shauloff, Adam Kaplan
Director of Photography - Gilad Baram
Color Grading - Sylvie Petit
Sound Editing - Ludivine Pelé
Sound Mix - Geoffrey Durcak

Anger is a Punishment We Give Ourselves For The Mistakes Of Others
Solo Show at Galerie der Stadt Fellbach

Video, 20 min.
Furbish with English subtitles

Source is an online video that follows an unknown protagonist gamer who is accompanied by a group of loyal virtual assistants. It is a first-person quest through multiple rooms, levels and non-Euclidean spaces, in a journey towards a mysterious goal laying deep underneath the ruins of Volksbühne Roter Salon theater. ​

Video, 4 min.

Huge Steve's Jerusalem Backpack
Huge backpack filled with hard boiled egg sandwiches
7 Minutes in Heaven, Ventilator, Independence Park, Tel Aviv
Curated by Naama Arad & Ishai Kalter ​
Press : Spike

Not So Into It
Collage, Laminated Prints
1.50 x 2.50m

"The Castle" - An Audio-Visual Experience
Performance, Video Installation, 25 min. With Nir Shauloff
Part of Manofim Festival, Jerusalem (Photos by Kira Kletsky)
Press : Haaretz, הארץ

A guided tour in a 1920's Palestinian house in Talbieh, Jerusalem.

The Disappeared
Video, 46 min. With Gilad Baram
Hebrew with English subtitles
Excerpt / IMDB
Press : The Forward, Film Comment, הארץ

The Disappeared is an experimental documentary unraveling the story of an action-drama feature film produced by the Israeli Army in the year 2000 and censored just a few weeks before its release.

Titled in Hebrew, Hane'elam (The Disappeared), the original film was intended to address a contentious subject in Israeli society and one of the military's absolute taboos - the rising number of soldier suicides. The ambitious production was of a scope rarely seen in the local film industry at the time and included hundreds of soldier-extras, an entire armored brigade, military helicopters and special operations personnel. With an estimated budget of one million USD and a cast of leading Israeli actors and actresses, shooting commenced in multiple locations around the country, among them also a top-secret missile base. Soon after editing began and preparations for its commercial, nationwide distribution were underway, The Disappeared disappeared.

In The Shawarma
Sun-Bleached Posters, Aluminum Foil.
3 Pieces - 1 x 1.50m

Spoiled Inferno / תופת הפינוק
Solo Show @ Hamidrasha
Press : הארץ, ערב רב

Video, 6 min.

In January 2010 a 30-minute long YouTube video was released by the Dubai police force. It profiles a group of individuals - all alleged Israeli secret Mossad agents - on an movie-like espionage mission. They are shadowed through awkwardly positioned security cameras as they travel around the airports, malls and hotels of the Emirate's capital. The footage concludes in their rushed departure, emphasising their alleged mission - the unseen assassination of a senior Hamas military commander - Mahmoud al-Mabhouh.

It is an intense forensic fiction, importing the generic fantasy-spaces of global capital back into the world of CGI through which they were first conceived. The visual language of the military-industrial-entertainment complex, and its specific make-shift idiolects in the Middle East, Israel, and the gulf states, is here evoked through an archaeology of popular narratorial codes and juvenile musical expressions.

Last Person Shooter
Video, 12 min. With Boaz Levin

Last Person Shooter examine a range of both human and mechanical modes of vision. By way of a series of historical scenes reconstructed as 3D architectural models, the historical context of machine vision and its underlying concepts are conjured. These models are explored by an invisible protagonist, embodying the familiar, yet antiquated aesthetic of a first-person shooter.

Apple Head Eclipse
Video on a Backlit Macbook Pro, 5:30 min.
Esperanto and English

You Know Where
Video, 5 min.

You Know When
Video, 5 min.

Millennium Stringz
Video Installation, 22 min.
Arabic and English

Describing the Failure of Describing the Failure of Describing:
On Accessibility and Blockage in Writings About the Israeli Nineties
Thesis Paper, Hebrew, 10,000 words.

The paper aims to describe a recurrent aspect in historical-cultural texts that consider 1990s Israel. The differences between these texts outnumber their similarities, yet many of them deal with the limitations of expressing a sufficient description of that time period. Their conclusions, echoing the postmodern nature of that era, de-legitimize historical representation, and claim that one who never lived throughout that period would not be able to comprehend it.

Conversations with The Mother
Video, 12 min.
Hebrew with English subtitles

In an interview taking place in the mid-nineties a mother speaks about her gifted artist son. As details are revealed the ideal character of the son is shattered and their story is linked to the night of the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.

Gitai on Gitai
Video, 9:30 min.
Hebrew with English subtitles